National Careers Week- Future Jobs

National Careers Week provides the perfect opportunity for the whole school to promote careers to all students. Young people can start exploring future jobs and understanding the types of jobs that are now available in the ever changing work environment many people work in.

With Kudos Key Stage 4 students can input their interests to generate suggested careers. This can provide the perfect starting point for exploration for students unsure where they want their next steps to take them.

Detailed articles, videos, case studies and work photographs allow students to explore their future at home with their parents or in school with an adviser.

Careers are constantly changing with new jobs being created constantly and many jobs being made redundant to computerisation.

Aspects of my job, as a marketing executive, including social media wouldn’t have existed a decade ago. It has recently been Facebook’s 10th birthday and Facebook were one of the leading companies to start the social media wave which created a platform for business to communicate quickly, easily and cost effectively with their customers.

Nowadays it is more common than not for companies to have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google + accounts, in order to stay up to date with what their customers want and to inform a wider audience of their product updates, promotions and latest news.

Getting young people excited and learning about their future jobs and jobs that could exist in the future is an important part of National Careers Week.

Therefore, being mindful of what skills will be needed in the future as well as labour market information about trends in employment e.g. the increased demand for skilled STEM occupations, can help young people make informed decisions about attaining a sustainable career.

Such information can also motivate students to raise their aspirations and broaden their career aims.

Kudos Inspire contains an ‘Inspire me!’ section where students can see how career options broaden when higher qualifications are achieved. Knowing which careers are attainable, and which of these might be more sustainable, can help students focus on achieving the best they are capable of.

CASCAiD produce quality and impartial careers guidance and information software to help students explore employment and educational options to help them make informed decisions about their future.

To find out more about CASCAiD programs, please click here.

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