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CASCAID’s new festive job role

CASCAID’s new festive job role

With the holiday season closing in on us and demand being high at the North Pole, Santa Claus has asked the team at CASCAID to add in a new career choice to help him gather recruits.   Christmas Operations Manager - Santa Claus Are you a responsible person, who enjoys giving presents and gifts to … Continue reading CASCAID’s new festive job role

Careers – it’s a noisy place to be!

Wow, it’s been quite a year in the careers education, information, advice and guidance world. Since the release of Ofsted’s thematic review, 'Going in the right direction?', last September, it seems like we’ve been bombarded with reports, commentary and statements about CEIAG. Private, public and voluntary sector organisations have been voicing their opinions on careers … Continue reading Careers – it’s a noisy place to be!

Rebecca at William Lamb Footwear

‘Shoes, glorious shoes, bla bla bla and custard’ - as the old song goes. I’m not a shoes man, but I do appreciate multi-coloured wellies, or small shoes with a spider’s web on them. This appreciation paid off when I visited Rebecca Park at William Lamb Footwear in Northampton. As you’ll see from the video … Continue reading Rebecca at William Lamb Footwear

National Careers Week- Resources

Career and employability resources can help your students become fully informed, inspired and confident in their choices for their next steps, whether that’s GCSE choices, deciding to take an apprenticeship or choosing to take a year in industry before going to university. The basis of making informed decisions is having accurate, impartial and up to … Continue reading National Careers Week- Resources

National Careers Week- Career Pathways

One of the five themes of this year’s National Careers Week is Career Pathways. This has been a highly talked about topic recently as high tuition fees for university courses has caused many young people and adults to re think their next steps and many are choosing a vocational route into careers over the more … Continue reading National Careers Week- Career Pathways

National Careers Week- Future Jobs

National Careers Week provides the perfect opportunity for the whole school to promote careers to all students. Young people can start exploring future jobs and understanding the types of jobs that are now available in the ever changing work environment many people work in. With Kudos Key Stage 4 students can input their interests to generate … Continue reading National Careers Week- Future Jobs

National Careers Week- Life Skills

Life skills, the next theme in this year’s National Careers Week, is an important subject that is often ignored over qualification levels. It has been said numerous times in the media how there is a mismatch between young people’s skills and the needs of the employers, causing young people to be left unemployed and vacancies … Continue reading National Careers Week- Life Skills

National Careers Week – Digital Literacy

Becoming digitally literate is more and more important for an increasing number of careers. It is estimated that 90% of UK jobs require some level of IT competency. Therefore by not learning key digital skills you could be pushing yourself out of the already competitive race to gain sustainable employment. The government has introduced computing … Continue reading National Careers Week – Digital Literacy

Massage therapist – Tony Taylor

I used to have a regular massage from a wonderful lady called Lesley -  http://www.timeout-uk.co.uk She’d visit the office, put on some Chinese restaurant music and we’d get 20 minutes. It always helped me to relax, but I wasn’t sure how effective it was in helping me update careers information. Lesley has now moved on, … Continue reading Massage therapist – Tony Taylor