National Careers Week- Career Pathways

One of the five themes of this year’s National Careers Week is Career Pathways.

This has been a highly talked about topic recently as high tuition fees for university courses has caused many young people and adults to re think their next steps and many are choosing a vocational route into careers over the more traditional academic route.

A recent survey found that many parents and teachers still discourage young people from taking a vocational route saying they are “too clever” and would be “more successful” if they took the ‘gold standard’ route of A-levels into higher education.

Vocational pathways including school leaver schemes and apprenticeships can lead young people into successful and sustainable careers in a way that could better suit their learning style and could potentially be a cheaper alternative to higher education.

Higher Education is of course necessary for many careers and can provide the perfect platform for many to be successful in their career of choice. However, there is a fear that this route is being portrayed the only route for young people across the UK, with many taking this route, only to end up struggling to find their lucrative graduate job at the end of it.

A recent article recently highlighted how some higher education students are focusing less on their courses and more on gaining employability skills that employers actually want.

“I’m not seriously concerned about my degree,” he says. “I’m prioritising my work over uni. I’m just looking to pick up knowledge that I think will be the most relevant right now.”

This poses the question of was university the best route for them? Many vocational routes provide learning alongside working, helping them gain the skills they need for their career.

Young people need to be informed of their options post-16 and post-18 in order to get themselves in the best position to reach their career of choice.

“I’m so pleased I made the decision. My only regret is not looking in to the options and not having anyone to give me the option of starting work”. Emma Mason, 24, went to university to study accountancy and finance but she stayed just six weeks before leaving to train as an accountant with a company and is on her way to being a chartered accountant.

This quote highlights the need for teachers, advisers, the media and parents to help young people become aware of all their options, even those that weren’t available to them when they were choosing their options at 16 and 18.

CASCAiD programs, which are all independent and impartial, provide the perfect basis for young people and adults to explore their future options and to spark discussion about their career pathways with teachers, peers and parents, to help them decide upon the best pathway for them.

Kudos Inspire specifically highlights the academic and vocational route into professional careers. This allows young people to become aware of routes they may not thought existed and also allows them to ask questions and research what is best for them.

To view our Kudos Inspire product videos, please click here.

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