National Careers Week- Life Skills

Life skills, the next theme in this year’s National Careers Week, is an important subject that is often ignored over qualification levels.

It has been said numerous times in the media how there is a mismatch between young people’s skills and the needs of the employers, causing young people to be left unemployed and vacancies left unfilled.

Students need to be aware that having good qualifications can only get you so far- as many unemployed graduates will agree (including me 18 months ago).

Learning life skills through work experience and extra-curricular activities can help students understand what will be expected of them in the future and can help them stand out from the crowd when applying for college, university, an apprenticeship, part time roles or full time employment.

A new report by UKCES ‘Not just making tea- Reinventing work experience’ highlights how work experience is an important way for young people to gain insight into the working world and to gain important skills which can be used throughout their school and working life.

The report includes practical advice for employers on the benefits of work experience and includes a range of case studies which can be useful for students, teachers and employers.

To read the report, please click here.

With Kudos Inspire, students can assess their skill levels in different areas including listening, presenting, negotiating and decision making.

Students will also be able to see what skills are essential and desirable in each career, motivating them to improve their skills in different areas or highlighting jobs where they have a good skills match in a work areas they may not have previously considered.

To find out more about Kudos Inspire, why not join us on one of our free webinars?

We run webinars every month- or more frequently if you cannot make the time or date.

A webinar lasts 30 minutes and will consist of a CASCAiD trainer guiding you through all aspects of Kudos Inspire and answering any questions you have about using Kudos Inspire with your students.

All you need is a computer which has access to the internet and sound.

To register for a free webinar, please email

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