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Hinkley C – Powering the future

Hinkley C – Powering the future

The construction of the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, is big – and I mean VERY BIG. Due to officially switch on in the middle of the next decade (if nuclear reactors switch on?), it is predicted that Hinkley Point C will provide around 7% of the country’s electricity, and the … Continue reading Hinkley C – Powering the future

Take a look at our new career profiles!

At CASCAID we want to provide the most accurate, up-to-date impartial careers information. As a result we are constantly carrying out research into our career profiles, and updating them accordingly. We are also studying the very latest job vacancy data, and using it to identify and create new job profiles. This enables us to provide … Continue reading Take a look at our new career profiles!

Seeing the light with Yvonne Lishman

Yesterday was spent in the company of Nottingham-based photographer, Yvonne Lishman. I interviewed Yvonne last year about her career, and she kindly offered to give some photography training to the information team here at CASCAiD. The initial training in October went really well and Yvonne offered a follow up session, so my colleague Michael and … Continue reading Seeing the light with Yvonne Lishman