Young People’s Guidance





Career exploration takes off with Kudos, trusted by teachers and advisers to inspire young people to explore future options.

Designed for students aged 13-19, Kudos takes students on a journey of discovery where they explore their potential through a personalised experience based on their interests and aspirations. Students will discover new ideas, understand which careers best suit them and uncover how what they are learning in school links to future opportunities and their career destination.

With features that engage students in exploring academic and vocational pathways including Apprenticeships, Post-16 learning and University options, Kudos is the one-stop-shop for planning successful futures. Find out more here.




Designed especially for 11 – 13 year olds, Launchpad helps students to evaluate their skills, understand the choices they have and explore a range of learning and career options. Students will understand more about where different school subjects can take them and discover how their skills and preferences can influence their choices for Key Stage 4 and beyond. Find out more here.




Paws in Jobland is an engaging IT resource that introduces children to the world around them and the jobs that people in their community do.

Aimed at children aged 7 to 11, a combination of narration and text makes it easy for children to follow the on-screen action while developing their reading and listening skills. With the aid of an interactive quiz, which helps develop problem-solving and ICT skills, children are encouraged to reflect on their learning.

With the help of ‘Paws’ a friendly animated dog, children can begin to explore the world of careers, visiting places such as a hospital, office, building site and airport to find out what people do there. Find out more here.


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