The new Police Detective graduate training programme

The new Police Detective graduate training programme

BBC News have reported that a new three-month training scheme has been developed to tackle a recruitment crisis which consists of a shortfall of 5,000 Investigators across England and Wales. This programme is aimed at graduates and will allow them to work on robbery and crime cases within three months. They will also have extensive training over the period of two years, where they will cover:

  • problem-solving
  • crime prevention
  • safeguarding

Matt Jukes, a Police Chief Constable in South Wales explained that we are need Cyber Investigators to tackle ‘modern’ crimes through social media.

The police are also trying to recruit more Investigators by appealing to Police Constables and Civilian Detectives, who will have more experience in the field. This recruitment crisis is thought to be the result of the rise in demand for specialist areas of the police force.

In addition to this, Police Detective’s morale has fallen with the Police Federation stating that Detectives are stressed and exhausted from their workload. Hopefully, with a £350,000 investment, graduates can help with the workload and tackle crime.

The scheme, which is being developed by Police Now, is hoping that 1,000 new Investigators will be recruited over the next five years!

If you would like some more information on this new scheme, then click here.

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