New features added to Kudos

New features added to Kudos

As the leading producer of careers information and guidance solutions, we constantly work to deliver the most innovative tools which raise aspirations and inspire choices.

The latest updates to Kudos are no exception.

Released on 22nd May 2018, the Kudos updates include:

  • Merging the best of both – the Action Plan and Career Journey Report to provide one improved ‘My Profile report’
  • The new profile report will now allow students to see a more visual display of their progress all in one place
  • Additional lined space at the end of the report for advisor notes for any 121 guidance discussions
  • We have ensured to include any new features added to Kudos in the past 12 months such as; personal development, personality styles and types of work.

Alongside this, we have made exclusive updates to our Manager product to allow a smoother experience for our teachers and advisers. 

Free with every subscription, CASCAID Manager is our powerful management and tracking suite that will allow you to monitor and evaluate your users’ activity and better support their career guidance supervision.

The updates include:

  • Improved dashboard, allowing administrators to see quickly and simply user progress within Kudos for:
  1. My Future: see the percentage of who has started the My Future assessment
  2. Exploring Options: see how many users have shortlisted careers, industry, work areas or subjects all in one place
  3. Creating Plans: view the percentage of who has started developing action plans.
  • Notification icon on ‘user feedback’ in the navigation, allows the administration to see instantly where there are any unanswered questions or feedback
  • Added explanations of what each of the dashboard’s features means for a quick and intuitive navigation within Manager
  • Updated and increased number of Universities to include most popular for an enhanced search experience
  • Toggle on the dashboard for easy switch between Kudos and Kudos AD
  • To provide further consistency, the terminology ‘favourited’ will be replaced with ‘shortlisting’
  • Access to the new user profile report.

If you have any questions about the information within this blog or would like to know more about the latest updates to Kudos, please get in touch –  call the CASCAID team on +44 (0) 1509 226868 or email

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