Brand new adviser feedback function in Kudos!

Brand new adviser feedback function in Kudos!

Our newest feature in the latest Kudos update allows you to take career guidance outside of classroom hours.
One of the biggest challenges we hear that careers teachers and advisers face is the lack of curriculum time available to deliver career guidance. Unfortunately, we can’t add more time during the school week – but we can provide a means for students to be able to ask questions and seek feedback on their ongoing career and learning journey.
Our adviser feedback feature allows students to send careers, education or training related questions and messages to their teachers outside of classroom hours. This is ideal for students who do not have immediate access to their teachers or advisers and helps ensure that guidance can continue outside of careers lessons.

Wow! Tell me how?

From the My Profile section of Kudos, your students will be able to choose a topic and write a message to the adviser.

Topics that your students can choose from including General, Subjects, Jobs, Courses and Uni courses and Personal Statement (depending on the Kudos licence you have purchased).  Students then simply type their question and press send.


How will I know that students have asked a question?

Provided students are added into a “Group” via the CASCAID Manager, the group owner will receive a daily email alerting them if they have any outstanding messages that need responding to.  If students aren’t assigned a group then this daily email won’t be sent.  However, the account administrator (main CASCAID Manager User) will receive a weekly email advising of any outstanding questions awaiting a response.

To download our CASCAID Manager User Guide, click here.

To find the submitted questions in Manager:

To view the messages, log into the CASCAID Manager, click the settings menu in the right corner and in the drop down menu select ‘adviser questions’.

adviser 2


To find out more about Kudos and its features click here

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