Kudos Updates

Kudos Updates

To ensure that your students get the best careers information this academic year, we have updated and improved Kudos to help them get on track for exploring new career pathways and training.

The updates include:

  • New home page (the existing ‘home’ page will become the Profile page)
  • Addition of icons next to ‘Search careers’ and ‘Career ideas’
  • Clearer text in CV builder (no longer blue on red)
  • Added URL to UCAS provider info
  • Courses shortlist page added
  • New signposting page for the quiz (My Future)
  • New signposting page for the quiz (My Skills)
  • Action Plan Report – include favourite subjects
  • New short list panel for Work Areas
  • New layout for Work Area page
  • New layout for Types of work page
  • ‘Starting Points’ removed from ‘gear’ menu
  • Minor change to General Information layout
  • New layout for subjects related to a career
  • Distance Travelled report is now available again on Manager dashboard
  • Sort option has been added back into job vacancy search


Kudos 2.2 1  Kudos 2.2

To view Kudos and its updates in full, book on to a Kudos product demonstration today.

For more information about Kudos and its updates, call the team on +44 (0)1509 226868 or email enquiry@cascaid.co.uk.



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