Alex at Impero Software

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I’d heard about what I call, ‘London-type’ companies and their modern ways, but I’ve now seen one for real in Loughborough. On a visit to Impero Software last year, I had a glimpse of how the other half live. A pool table*, funky breakout areas, those biro pens that have got three colours… It was like Google had upped sticks and moved to the Midlands. Well, it looked like that to me anyway.

At Impero I talked to Alex, a young web developer. In fact, everyone there seemed to be young. I imagine they’ve got a Logan’s Run-type system of weeding out the over 40s. You come into work one day and casually mention that you think Michael Buble’s new song has got a good beat, and that you really enjoyed the latest series of Caroline Quentin on Cornwall. Next thing you know, you’re out the door replaced by a 21 year-old who doesn’t pull his trousers up properly.

As with so many careers I’ve covered, this one looked enjoyable, but better than that – sustainable. Robots will eventually write this blog for me, but you’ll always need web developers to do whatever it is that they do.

*The ‘successful’ pool shot shown in the video clip took 3 hours to film. Alex will be the first to admit that under camera pressure, he wilted.

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