National Careers Week- Resources

Career and employability resources can help your students become fully informed, inspired and confident in their choices for their next steps, whether that’s GCSE choices, deciding to take an apprenticeship or choosing to take a year in industry before going to university.

The basis of making informed decisions is having accurate, impartial and up to date information, accessible in school and at home. This can encourage the involvement of teachers, advisers, parents, friends and siblings with their important decisions.

With numerous resources available for use and with no government guideline on which suppliers are reputable, it can be hard for schools to find “impartial and independent” resources that will fully support their students school to work transitions.

CASCAiD are the leading producers of careers guidance software in the UK. Our programs, accessible at school and at home and iOS compatible, are engaging, inclusive and informative, allowing your students to feel confident about their next steps in life.

Our trusted tradition, reputation for high quality and successful results can help to reassure schools that they are fully supporting their students at each transition phase.

CASCAiD began in 1969 and then became part of Loughborough University in 1996. Now CASCAiD runs seven programs which span all ages. CASCAiD has always delivered high quality, independently researched programs which help young people and adults make informed decisions about their future.

We are the leading producers in the industry as we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you and your students throughout the year with your careers guidance activities.

To ensure we are always delivering our customers and their clients/ students with programs that fit their needs we are currently undergoing our largest product development project. If your school is dedicated to improving the careers guidance resources you provide to your students we would love you to help us by testing and evaluating our new products at different stages of development.

If you would like to help us, please email

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