Author: Alan

Melton Mowbray livestock market

Enjoy talking fast at farmers? Agricultural auctioneer could be what you’re looking for. On a trip to Melton Mowbray’s livestock market last year, I met one of their fast talking auctioneers. The market itself is well worth a visit and takes place every Tuesday. All sorts of animals were up for auction in a fast … Continue reading Melton Mowbray livestock market

Rebecca at William Lamb Footwear

‘Shoes, glorious shoes, bla bla bla and custard’ - as the old song goes. I’m not a shoes man, but I do appreciate multi-coloured wellies, or small shoes with a spider’s web on them. This appreciation paid off when I visited Rebecca Park at William Lamb Footwear in Northampton. As you’ll see from the video … Continue reading Rebecca at William Lamb Footwear

Massage therapist – Tony Taylor

I used to have a regular massage from a wonderful lady called Lesley - She’d visit the office, put on some Chinese restaurant music and we’d get 20 minutes. It always helped me to relax, but I wasn’t sure how effective it was in helping me update careers information. Lesley has now moved on, … Continue reading Massage therapist – Tony Taylor

Horticultural celebrities

How many gardening type celebrities can you name? Off the top of my head, I’ve got: Titchmarsh Monty Don Percy Thrower Kim Wilde. A new name could be going on that list - Mark Smith of Swarkestone Nursery, near Derby. I interviewed Mark about his career last week, and as well as being the manager … Continue reading Horticultural celebrities