Higher education and careers guidance

“Fifth of graduates work part-time.” Telegraph

“Number of graduates in basic jobs doubles in five years.”  BBC

“More graduates in low skilled jobs.” BBC

“40% [of graduates] failing to get graduate-calibre posts two years after leaving education.” Guardian

These headlines, amongst ones of graduate unemployment and of fierce competition for graduate jobs, reinforce the need for effective career guidance at universities and for students to use and make the most of these careers and employability services.

Researchers from the Higher Education Careers Service Unit and the Association of Graduate Careers Services have published “What Do Graduates Do 2012?”, with the aim to establish what every graduate is doing six months after graduation.

The results showed that the majority of employed graduates entered jobs in the catering, retail, waiting and bar staff industry. This, in line with the news headlines, is hinting that too many graduates are leaving university and gaining employment in non-graduate roles where they may not be utilising the skills they have learned through their degree.

For current students who are now paying up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees, this type of graduate underemployment/unemployment leaves them questioning the costs of paying for their degree.

CASCAiD, with over 40 years’ experience in the career guidance industry, have created Adult Directions and Careerscape, two career guidance and information software programs, to help students and graduates with their future employment decisions.

Adult Directions and Careerscape can help a variety of students with their future career decisions, including those who:

  • Are unsure of where their degree will take them
  • Want a career outside of their degree discipline
  • Want specific in-depth career information
  • Want insight into different workplaces and work activities.

“With such a wide range of functionality, I use Adult Directions for a number of scenarios. Sometimes, it is used to confirm a student’s career ideas, whereas it can also be used to inspire students to look at career opportunities they previously might not have considered.” Jonathan Wolff, careers adviser at Loughborough University.

Adult Directions and Careerscape provide the perfect starting point for career planning for all students.

Adult Directions contains a unique career matching tool which suggests career to users based on their interests and skills. This can provide fresh ideas to students who may be unclear about their options post-graduation.

Careerscape, a library of employment and education information, allows students to research in-depth career information through videos, photographs, case studies and detailed articles.

Adult Directions and Careerscape licences allow for unlimited site access and home access for member of that site. This can engage students who may not have thought of visiting their university careers services to explore CASCAiD programs at home and then discuss their results with an adviser.

For a free trial for Adult Directions and Careerscape, please click here.

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