Seeing the light with Yvonne Lishman

Yesterday was spent in the company of Nottingham-based photographer, Yvonne Lishman. I interviewed Yvonne last year about her career, and she kindly offered to give some photography training to the information team here at CASCAiD.

The initial training in October went really well and Yvonne offered a follow up session, so my colleague Michael and I went along.

The training sessions were fun, interesting and at times a little bit strange. That’s mainly due to Yvonne’s unique take on the world, something you’ll see from the amazing photos she has on her website.

I’m sure Michael and the rest of the information team will agree that the training with Yvonne was time well spent. A lot of the things we’ve learned can be applied to video work as well as stills photography, so the knowledge picked up is going to help improve the way all media looks in CASCAiD products.

Here are a couple of photos from the day:

We love aperture

Yvonne and Michael discuss aperture.

Michael as peacock

Michael pretends to be a peacock.

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