T-levels are now open for business!

T-levels are now open for business!

Providers are now able to begin bidding to become the first organisations to deliver the new T-level qualifications.

Today (17/1/2018) the Education and Skills Funding Agency has published guidance which invites providers to state their interest, and it also sets out the all-important criteria they will have to meet; the devil is always in the detail!

Providers can be:

  • Independent Training Providers
  • Universities
  • Technical Colleges
  • Schools (currently delivering 16 to 19 education to at least 10 students)
  • FE Colleges

Providers must also prove that they already have relevant experience within the vocational pathway they wish to focus on. Whilst the published guidance doesn’t actually state the number of providers they are looking for, it does state that if there are a large number of applicants then a detailed set of criteria will be applied, and the best-fit providers selected.

So we will watch this space!

The first T-levels will be delivered in 2020 -Digital, Childcare and Education.

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