Schools will now promote technical education from January

Schools will now promote technical education from January

The Department of Education have published details of a law that will force schools to let outside providers talk to their students about further education.

This is called the ‘Baker Clause’ which is an amendment written by Lord Baker and Baroness Morris, who are both former education secretaries.

From the 2nd of January, all schools will be forced to publish a policy statement explaining how external providers can access the school and attract students to alternative options for further education.

Possible resistance

Many schools may not like this amendment as external colleges and apprenticeship providers may ‘poach’ pupils from their school. This could result in losing around £5,000 in funding from each student, so having some hostility will be normal.

However, giving pupils aged 13-18 a chance to see what other routes are available could result in a higher level of students taking apprenticeships and vocational qualifications instead of A levels.

Pupils can also make a more informed decision on their future if they are unsure about what career they could like to pursue!


At CASCAID, we have Kudos, our careers guidance product. Students can use Kudos to search for apprenticeship vacancies, college and university courses. It is really useful for students who are unsure about their options and it can suggest some possible careers.

With this new amendment and the possible support of our products, students will now have some more possibilities about further education options!

Advice and guidance

The Government website has some guidance on this amendment and has an example policy statement which schools can start to use. Click here for more details.

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