What’s On Your Naughty or Nice List?

What’s On Your Naughty or Nice List?

As you are nearing the end of this term and looking forward to a well-deserved break, no doubt you’ve started at least thinking about preparing for the year ahead too.

We all have certain tasks and projects that we prefer over others, but ultimately we all know that the work needs to be done. Let us help you get those jobs underway and ready for the New Year with this light-hearted, holiday-themed checklist.

Below we’ve listed some challenges that you and your colleagues have raised with your Success Managers throughout the year so far, why not take 5 minutes to check whether you think each one is Naughty (very challenging; requires multiple stakeholder engagement and clear planning) or Nice (not so challenging; requires a bit of planning but should be easy to tick off the list)?

Naughty ☑

Nice  ☑
Getting buy-in from your Senior Leadership TeamSet yourself up on CASCAID Manager. Our reporting tool gives you the power to ‘wow’ your SLT with statistical evidence supporting and validating your careers education strategy.
Sharing Kudos with your students and colleagues You can embed Kudos within your intranet or VLE to provide ease of access for your colleagues and students. Plus, as Kudos is an online programme, it can be used by your students at home to encourage parental involvement.
Achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks
If you haven’t already checked out our in-depth guide to using Kudos to achieve the eight benchmarks, then do so now. Go to our resource: Helping you to deliver on all 8 of the Gatsby Benchmarks.
Continuing to inspire students Kudos has over 800 careers for your students to explore, including a selection of Future Careers. Have students take a look at these Future Careers and relate them to the skills they are developing right now.
Keeping up to date with government and industry advice and news
We channel our wealth of industry experience into supporting you to achieve your goals. From regular newsletters including the most up to date advice and support to your very own Success Manager will work with you and keep in touch – we are with you every step of the way.
Making sure you’re prepared for OfstedSet up your dashboard in CASCAID Manager to showcase the tangible difference your activities are making to your students’ careers education.
You can also download a management report from CASCAID Manager to further support your Ofsted inspection.

So, as this term comes to a close and you plan for the year ahead, keep utilising Kudos, your careers strategy ‘side-kick’, to support your whole school approach to careers and continue your success throughout 2019.)

Not a customer? Why not contact one of our friendly team, who will be happy to talk through how Kudos can help you and your students? Send us an email via enquiry@cascaid.co.uk – we look forward to hearing from you.

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