Help clients prepare for their successful 2019

Help clients prepare for their successful 2019

Whether a client is looking for a new direction following redundancy, needs information to help them with a job application or wants to discover more about the training and/or learning opportunities that will help them get back into work, Kudos AD gives clients the flexibility to get the information that they need to help them move forward quickly and easily and create their successful future.

Here, we look at how Kudos AD helped one individual and the issues he faced after he was made redundant.

Terry, a 45-year-old man, was made redundant after working for 15 years in automotive repairs. This made a big impact on him and his family. He now had to face the job market again, which was not an easy prospect. Here’s his story:

‘I was made redundant just before Christmas and I knew there were no jobs in what I’d been doing. To be honest, I was lucky I didn’t get caught in the first round of redundancies! I had a background in engineering but to be honest, I didn’t want to go back to it.

I went to the job centre but couldn’t believe how difficult it was. I also had to consider maybe part-time work which meant I could help with my daughter’s school pick-ups. My wife’s job had the prospect of promotion, so it made sense for me to consider part-time work.

As there weren’t any jobs in what I did before, I was a bit lost as to what I could do. An adviser suggested I use Kudos AD, which I found really useful. I could see what skills I had and also which jobs they were useful for. There were jobs I had never thought about. I was also able to filter the jobs by part-time and flexible hours which really helped.

Because of the help that it gave me with job ideas, I felt really positive about looking for a job again. I did have skills that I could use and I also made use of the MySkills feature to remind me of my top skills and what I could offer an employer.’

So, as this year comes to a close and you plan for the year ahead, keep utilising Kudos AD  to support the valuable work that you do to ensure your clients achieve their goals and successes throughout 2019.

Not a customer? Why not contact one of our friendly team, who will be happy to go through how Kudos AD can help you and your clients? Email us at – we look forward to hearing from you.

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