Horticultural celebrities

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How many gardening type celebrities can you name? Off the top of my head, I’ve got:

  • Titchmarsh
  • Monty Don
  • Percy Thrower
  • Kim Wilde.

A new name could be going on that list – Mark Smith of Swarkestone Nursery, near Derby. I interviewed Mark about his career last week, and as well as being the manager of a garden centre, he also appears once a month, sometimes more, on Radio Derby on the Andy Potter show. He’s also got other media interests; for a rundown of them, click on the video clip above.

Mark’s keen to get more young people into gardening and one of his future goals is to have his own garden centre, taking on apprentices and nurturing the next generation of horticulturalists.

Keen-eyed viewers may notice Allister Jordan, or Mr Blog as he’s known at CASCAiD, as the ‘customer’ in the video clip. Mark did such a good job during his ‘pretend’ sales pitch that Al ended up buying a blueberry plant. He also bought a strange Christmas-themed puppet, which he claimed was for his wife.

The music featured in the clip is an Allister Jordan original. He’s titled it Blueberry Moods.




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