New Police Degree Apprenticeship – an exciting new opportunity

New Police Degree Apprenticeship – an exciting new opportunity

The College of Policing has just announced the details of a brand new pathway into becoming a qualified Police Officer – the Degree Apprenticeship!

From 2020 there will be three routes into the Police Service, opening up this rewarding career to a section of society who previously may have been prevented by issues such as university fees and time. The options will be:

  • Entry for graduates, with a degree in any subject, onto a graduate programme which will be paid for by the police force
  • A specific policing degree – the policing equivalent to a specialist nursing degree for instance
  • A Police Constable degree apprenticeship paid for by the police force, enabling trainees to obtain a policing degree while they earn a salary.

The new police degree and degree apprenticeship will focus on traditional policing principles, such as crime prevention and criminology, but it will also introduce 21st century policing issues, such as cyber-crime, online safety, counter-terrorism.

The Degree Apprenticeship is a relatively new qualification/training kid on the block. The beauty of them is that they combine paid employment with university level learning. Open to anyone aged 18+, apprentices will split their time between university study and the workplace, and will be employed throughout.

At the end of the apprenticeship they will gain a degree, whilst also having the benefit of being in full-time employment. Course fees will be paid by the employers.

Entry requirements are as yet unclear and will vary between police forces, but it is expected that entrants will be required to have achieved a level 3 qualification (equivalent to A levels), and level 2 in English and Maths (GCSE level)

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