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Are you getting value for money?

Are you getting value for money?

A member of the CASCAID team was speaking with one of our long-standing customers to ensure the best value is being received from our solutions and services. The customer in question subscribes to our standard Kudos package which amongst many features gives access to LMI, live apprenticeships information, post-16 courses available at local providers and … Continue reading Are you getting value for money?

Everybody is talking about LMI…..

...but nobody is thinking about it. That was the sub-title to a presentation I gave recently at the Careers Show in London on 4th March, 2015. The headline title was "Using Real LMI to Inform Career Decisions." LMI of course being Labour Market Information. I had such a positive response immediately after and subsequently that … Continue reading Everybody is talking about LMI…..

STEM Role Models – Britain HAS Got Talented Female Engineers

A STEM-focussed report has been published, providing a positive viewpoint of female engineers and offering support for the female uptake of STEM subjects. This challenges the recent wave of negative STEM reports, which have tended to focus on the fact that young women aren’t choosing to study science and engineering. This report states why women … Continue reading STEM Role Models – Britain HAS Got Talented Female Engineers

Women in engineering and construction

“The UK is the worst country in Europe when it comes to the progression of female engineers. At half of all UK state schools, not a single girl is studying physics at A level – which is a basic requirement for engineering.” - Vince Cable - Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills The … Continue reading Women in engineering and construction