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The National Career Guidance Show

Last Thursday, I attended The National Career Guidance Show, held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.  The show was launched last year and was held at the Emirates Stadium in London.  Following the success of last year’s show, it was decided to run two events this year, one in Leeds and one at Wembley Stadium, … Continue reading The National Career Guidance Show

‘Partners in Action’ Work Programme conference

Yesterday, Suzette Tonks (Sales Executive) and I attended the ‘Partners in Action’ conference in London.  This was hosted by the Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion, and was designed to bring together a wide range of organisations looking to work together to deliver the coalition government’s Work Programme.  The Work Programme will be the coalition … Continue reading ‘Partners in Action’ Work Programme conference

Update from NAEGA 2010

An update from Jason Owen, CASCAiD’s UK Sales Manager: 2010 NAEGA National Conference My colleague Suzette and I were the CASCAiD representatives at the NAEGA National Conference in Manchester. The conference took place over two days (5th and 6th October) and provided an excellent opportunity to find out about recent and forthcoming developments particularly within the … Continue reading Update from NAEGA 2010

Adult Guidance Conference – Opportunities for the Future

Last week, I attended the ICG Adult Guidance Conference in Manchester. The ICG (Institute of Career Guidance) hasn't held a specific adult guidance themed event in England for a few years, but the changes that are happening within the sector made the event a popular choice for advisers and others working within organisations that are delivering guidance. … Continue reading Adult Guidance Conference – Opportunities for the Future

Getting ready for Next Step adult guidance service

A new adult guidance service has been in the pipeline for quite a long time, with consultations and review meetings being held over the previous few years.  A few weeks ago, it was revealed the new service was going to be called ‘Next Step’ and recently a Next Step website holding page was launched. Next … Continue reading Getting ready for Next Step adult guidance service

Vital information access points

If you’ve visited London for business or leisure, you’ve probably walked past Westminster Reference Library. It’s situated in the heart of the West End, just off Leicester Square and just a few steps from the National Gallery. I visited the Library last week as part of their Adult Learner’s Week activity. My visit got me … Continue reading Vital information access points

Rethinking eGuidance

I spent a really interesting day yesterday at iCeGs, based at the University of Derby. iCeGs, the International Centre for Guidance Studies, hosted a workshop on Rethinking eGuidance: the changing role of technology in careers work. Facilitated by Professor Jim Sampson, a visiting professor from the University of Florida and Dr Tristram Hooley, Head of … Continue reading Rethinking eGuidance

Disappearing homeopathy degrees

It's my job to research complementary therapy careers, including homeopathy.  That's a role that gets harder - or maybe easier - each year.  A UCAS course search now comes back with no homeopathy degrees, down from two university providers last year. Homeopathy has been criticised as 'unscientific' by some academics.  The University of Central Lancashire said … Continue reading Disappearing homeopathy degrees