Author: Josh Cohen - CASCAiD

The TechBacc and IAG

Why do we need the TechBacc? Are employers behind it - or disaffected by further 'churn and change'? And what are the implications for IAG? I went along to a Westminster Education Forum event to get some answers. This was a meeting about Tech Levels, Applied General Qualifications and the Technical Baccalaureate (TechBacc). These affect … Continue reading The TechBacc and IAG

Engineering skills – a call for action

A government adviser has issued a call for action to address the UK’s lack of engineering skills. Professor John Perkins, chief scientific adviser at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, wants government, industry and educators to ‘step up’ to meet the challenge. In his Review of Engineering Skills, Prof Perkins forecasts increasing demand for … Continue reading Engineering skills – a call for action

Ada Lovelace Day: celebrating women in science

Today celebrates not just Ada Lovelace, the inspirational Victorian scientist, but the achievements of all women in STEM. Who was Ada Lovelace? I didn’t know too much about her until some scientist friends of mine named their daughter Ada in her honour. I decided to find out more - and was amazed. Often referred to … Continue reading Ada Lovelace Day: celebrating women in science

Info pack to boost girls’ ‘ambitions’

The Government is to send an info pack to parents of daughters, to help them bring up 'aspirational' young women. Is it needed - and what good will it do? The packs will include advice on issues such as subject and career choice. Maria Miller, the culture secretary and minister for women and equalities, is sending … Continue reading Info pack to boost girls’ ‘ambitions’

Schools cut vocational qualifications after league table reforms

Schools are cutting vocational qualifications to satisfy performance tables, according to a report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). The think tank predicts a 'rapid decline' in vocational provision as schools respond to league table reforms that have removed most vocational qualifications from the scoring.  The impact on students could be dramatic. According to … Continue reading Schools cut vocational qualifications after league table reforms

Getting more girls into science careers

Let's start with the good news.  At GCSE, almost equal numbers of boys and girls were entered for Science/Additional Science, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in 2012, according to the WISE 2012 UK Statistics Guide.  But it's a different picture at A level.  At this stage, fewer girls than boys were entered for all STEM subjects except Biology.  In … Continue reading Getting more girls into science careers

Dramatherapy in action

Dramatherapy helps people to work through personal and social problems.  Through drama, people can explore their experiences, communicate feelings, develop confidence and build relationships.We visited Sarah Mann Shaw, a registered dramatherapist, to see how she uses the therapeutic aspects of drama and theatre.  It's not about being a good actor.  Instead, Sarah creates a safe … Continue reading Dramatherapy in action

Universities White Paper: graduate destinations

While there are mixed reactions to the universities White Paper, the higher education sector has broadly welcomed the aim of putting students 'at the heart of the system'. Higher fees, and the increasing influence of market forces thanks to the White Paper, mean that students will be recognised as 'valued customers' rather than fee payers.  Universities will have … Continue reading Universities White Paper: graduate destinations

‘Academic’ Diplomas axed

The Government has scrapped 'academic' Diplomas in humanities, languages and science.  Nick Gibb, the Schools Minister, announced the move on Monday, saying that this would mean instant savings of around £1.77 million. He said: "It’s not for Government to decide which qualifications pupils should take, or to force the development of new qualifications, which is … Continue reading ‘Academic’ Diplomas axed

Disappearing homeopathy degrees

It's my job to research complementary therapy careers, including homeopathy.  That's a role that gets harder - or maybe easier - each year.  A UCAS course search now comes back with no homeopathy degrees, down from two university providers last year. Homeopathy has been criticised as 'unscientific' by some academics.  The University of Central Lancashire said … Continue reading Disappearing homeopathy degrees