Pupil outcomes – how well are MATs performing?

Pupil outcomes – how well are MATs performing?

Multi-Academy Trusts are new to the education industry. There is, therefore, only a small amount of data available that can be used to draw up a performance comparison with mainstream schools. But, so far, how are MATs performing with regard to pupil outcomes, compared to mainstream schools?

The Institute of Education released a report early this year, summarising this important topic. It came to the conclusion that primary school academies performed better on average than mainstream primary schools. However, schools that are part of a large MAT had a tendency to have a worse outcome on average, so the results are very mixed.

Here’s some interesting statistics…

Here are some statistics on pupil progress in 2017, from the Department for Education, which support the conclusions above:

  • Over 50% of MATs had average or above average scores in Key Stage 2 maths and writing. However, 50% had a below average score in reading.
  • 45% of Key Stage 4 pupils in MATs performed significantly below average in Progress 8 scores when compared with mainstream schools
  • MATs with lower proportions of disadvantaged pupils perform better on Progress 8 measures
  • However, 7 of the MATs with high a proportion of disadvantaged pupils performed significantly above average in Progress 8 measurements

A number of factors could contribute to these outcomes. But we need to remember that MATs are new, and as we retrieve more data we will be able to reach more informed conclusions.

The current recruitment crisis for teachers could also play a part in this. However, an advantage of a school being a part of a Trust is the shared resources. It is hopeful that these scores will improve over time.

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