Is artificial intelligence the future for student results?

Is artificial intelligence the future for student results?

Earlier in the year, the TES reported that artificial intelligence could take over from humans in the marking of student exam papers – but how much do we actually trust a computer to mark a student’s work?

At a conference, organised by the Westminster Education Forum and held to debate the future of England’s exam system, the date suggested by which humans will be removed from the marking of the exam system and artificial intelligence will take over was 2025.

Computers already have a big role in students’ lives – most of their school day is revolved around the computer. But when it comes to exams, most students have to use pen and paper, while some use special laptops which might be rolled out in the near future.

Not so surprising, findings revealed students are not as anxious going into an exam if they have some sort of technology with them. Having to use pen and paper when students are so used to using a computer is the reason why students get so nervous around exam season.

But why is this the case?

Using technology is a lot easier than using pen and paper, typing an answer for some students is quicker and more efficient than physically writing it – especially if you are not used to it. This also means that the answer is neater for the examiner to read, and for artificial intelligence to analyse possibly in the future.

Some students may be able to type more information if they used a computer which will be in their favour by being able to get higher marks and as a result – higher grades!

Artificial intelligence exam markers

So what might happen when humans are removed from the system?

The way that artificial intelligence will mark student papers is unknown but humans may still be needed for appeals. Humans may still be needed for the ‘personal’ touch if a student wishes for their paper to be re-examined.

The main reason for artificial intelligence taking over is to reduce the workload for Teachers and take some of the pressure off. This might help decrease the rate of Teachers leaving the profession, which is a good implication from AI taking over.

Change is on its way – an AI tool to mark and grade student essays is already being tested – then we’ll find out if we trust artificial intelligence enough to decide on a student’s future…

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