A student’s guide to GCSE Results Day

A student’s guide to GCSE Results Day

On Thursday 23rd August, thousands of students will receive their GCSE results.

These results will affect your decisions on what to do next and it is important for you to consider your options carefully and seek careers advice where appropriate.

Before GCSE results day…

  • As the day approaches, try not to worry too much. Make sure you are eating healthy and sleeping properly.
  • Talk to your parents, family and friends about your upcoming results and any concerns or worries.
  • Plan your day – What time does your school open? How are you getting there? Will you collect your results and open them with your parents? Or, with friends, for moral support? Or, perhaps on your own?

On the day…

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and has credit – your parents, family and friends will be keen to hear from you once you receive your results.
  • Just in case, take some form of photo identification with you. Although it should be one of your teachers or someone who knows you handing you your results, it’s best to be prepared.
  • Whatever happens, keep calm, think positive and be proud of your achievements.

What next?

Now you have your GCSE results you need to consider your future options and this is where careers advice and guidance can support your decision-making process.

Not everyone will automatically want to go on to do A-levels and, depending on your interests and skills, you should pursue a career route that suits you.

You may have been supported by CASCAID’s careers guidance programme, Kudos. This helps you to identify your interests and skills and the careers that may suit you.

(Check to see if your school has a subscription or consider buying an individual home user licence.)

If you do have access to Kudos, this a good time to update your ‘Personal ‘Action Plan’ and input your GCSE results.

Useful careers features

Also, there are a number of features and articles in Kudos that you may find useful:

  • Explore careers related to your qualification/s and future educational level/s
  • Set goals in the ‘My Personal development’ feature to help you explore and put a plan into action to help you achieve your learning and career objectives
  • Start to build or update your CV using the structured CV builder
  • Read the articles within the ‘General Information’ section.

Consider reading the following too:


  • GCSEs and How You Can Use Them
  • Options at 16
  • Further Education Options
  • Apprenticeships
  • Finance for Study for Young People


  • Planning for Your Future
  • Prince’s Trust
  • Work Experience

Whatever the outcome on GCSE results day, be excited about life and your chosen pathway – explore and create your successful future.


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For schools and colleges that would like to find out more about Kudos, call our friendly team on +44 (0) 1509 226868 or email enquiry@cascaid.co.ukIn the meantime, sign up to receive our monthly enews updates direct to your ‘inbox.’


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