The #NoStressSuccess campaign

The #NoStressSuccess campaign

As exams have started this week, the YMCA has teamed up with a local college in Brighton to tackle the exam stress that young people are going through.

This is all part of the Right Here project, which is a health and wellbeing project aimed at young people aged 11- 25 and live in Brighton. It wants to help students de-stress and take care of their physical and mental health during the busy exam season. It also provides support for the student’s parents and carers, who may need more information on the best way to support their children.

The #NoStressSuccess website has lots of tips and stories on what to do during and after exam season. You can watch videos from students who have been through the same stress and learn how they coped with it. You can also watch a video on how there is a more than one path to success, which might help many students who may have not got the results they had hoped for.

It features a handy visual  displaying the different signs of stress and how you can keep in the ‘green zone’. Stress factors such as poor concentration, tiredness and confusion are categorised into three areas; behaviour, body and feelings. If someone  is feeling some of these symptoms, they can look to see which ‘zone’ they fit into.

There are four zones which include:

  • the red zone which may show signs of illness and you may need medical attention
  • the amber zone showing that you might be injured
  • the yellow zone to show that you are reactive from being worried, irritable or sad
  • the green zone which shows that you are ready to go and are focused to tackle upcoming exams

The website also has a Study Stress Survival Guide, which can be a helpful read in between school and revision!

If you would like to see more from the #NoStressSuccess campaign, click here.

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