Will robot teachers replace humans in the future?

Will robot teachers replace humans in the future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a bigger part in our lives. AI is in phones, cars, social media and helps us with our online shopping. And now it is making its way into education. What does this mean for the future of students and teachers?

The TES have reported that, in a survey that was conducted of 500 students, more than 80% of them would rather have a human teacher than a robot. This is understandable as this is the last step for students before they leave college and go onto university, an apprenticeship or a new career.

Some students also feared that robots could be hacked and not show  creativity or inspiration – or even worse, be responsible for finding and misusing pupil’s personal details.

How would robots show students how to paint or how to draw for the first time? This could be something we will find out in the future if robots replaced teachers of the arts. Subjects like these may not give students the same experience if taught by a robot rather than a human teacher.

One positive thought about artificial intelligence is that it will help reduce a teacher’s workload. Recent posts have shown that some teachers are becoming stressed over the amount of marking and preparation that is needed for their lessons. Teachers who work in secondary and further education may become more stressed during the coming exam season, particularly with the marking of student’s practice answers and test papers. AI could help with this, by marking these answers based on an algorithm or learning from previously marked papers. Students may not have to wait as long for their result and could learn from their mistakes quickly and easily.

Artificial intelligence is also becoming a potential solution to the fall in the recruitment of newly qualified teachers. AI will never get tired and could answer any question that a student asks it. It can also know and learn the entire syllabus for a subject in a shorter amount of time and could help with the planning of lessons.

However, only 12% of the students asked felt excited about the prospect of robot teachers. This is only 60 students out of a possible 500, which shows that students really value the emotional support from their human teachers and how they can inspire their students to make better choices.

Robot teachers could become the norm for future generations and it is uncertain how students will react to this different type of teaching…

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