Struggling with revision? Here are my top 10 tips!

Struggling with revision? Here are my top 10 tips!

With exam season starting soon, it is important to start revising now before your exams start. You may have had some mock exams to help prepare for the real thing, but here is some advice and tips on how to revise for upcoming exams.

  1. Start revising now – starting to revise earlier rather than later will help you to see whether you may need to go over some units again or ask for help on a certain part of a course.
  2. Turn off social media notifications – social media can be very distracting when you are trying to revise. As this is now a very big part of our daily lives, it might be hard to turn it off but it will help you focus on your work!
  3. Make a revision timetable and stick to it – making a revision timetable is very easy and there are many online websites that can do this for you. They can make it as colourful as you like! But make sure that you stick to it. This will make sure that you cover everything before the exam due date.
  4. Take regular breaks – having a ten minute break every hour or so will help you to refresh your mind. Take a short walk or take your mind off revision to help you focus on what you have just covered.
  5. Get to know your own learning style – everyone is different when it comes to revision. Some people are active learners where they will test their knowledge regularly, some are auditory learners and enjoy revising with other people, and some are visual learners where mind maps and diagrams are used to help revise. You need to find out which suits you best.
  6. Try to pace yourself – try not to cram in lots of information, especially the night before an exam as you probably will not remember it the next day!
  7. Do as many previous exam papers as possible – the most recent papers will help you understand the mark scheme and what exam boards are looking for. It might also be good to time yourself as this will help you prepare for the real thing.
  8. Make sure you are eating right – remember food is fuel for the brain so make sure that you eat healthily throughout revision and on the day of the exam.
  9. Make sure you read the question! – you will be surprised how many people fail to read the question and write a completely different answer to what they are being asked to do!
  10. Believe in yourself – exam season is always going to be very stressful, so make sure that you believe in yourself!

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