The Gordonstoun GCSE boot camp for teenagers struggling with revision

The Gordonstoun GCSE boot camp for teenagers struggling with revision

A private school, which Prince Charles himself attended, is offering a GCSE boot camp for teenagers who are struggling to revise and are becoming stressed about upcoming exams.

This week-long boot camp offered by the private school is hoping to attract students and help prepare them for their exams. This is through a combination of exercise and supervised revision to try and get the best possible results for the teenagers.

However, there is a limit to the use of technology while they are in camp – there will be strict rules about when you can use phones and tablets!

How will this work?

While the teenagers are there, they will have an active programme including runs in the countryside, yoga, sailing, climbing, aerobics and an overnight expedition into the remote Scottish countryside!

The boot camp will run in the Easter holidays and students would be revising for their English, maths and science exams in the summer. It will cost £1,500 for the week.

Teenagers will firstly have a 7:30 am run, followed by supervised revision and different exercises during the day and a 9:00 pm ball game in the evening.

There is evidence that revision following exercise is the best way to learn.

But how does this work?

Research has revealed that while exercising, you are improving your brain function and cognition – which means that you will retain more when revising after exercise. Stress levels are also reduced so this means a good night’s sleep and increased levels of concentration!

Also eating healthy is a big part of this boot camp, so the school will be providing a special diet. As they say, “healthy body = healthy mind!”

A sample menu from the boot camp includes a very healthy breakfast, lunch and a dinner consisting of:

  • Blueberries and muesli, full Scottish breakfast or boiled eggs and toast
  • Beef fajitas with rice and avocado salad and apple and rhubarb crumble
  • Minestrone soup then Salmon, dauphinoise potatoes, and broccoli and kiwis and yoghurt

If you are interested in the boot camp, click here for more information!

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