Did you know ‘CASCAID’ is an acronym?

Did you know ‘CASCAID’ is an acronym?

After reading the following blog, we liked the style and thought it would be good to do a similar style for a CASCAID blog…

An A-Z of Business Beasts – Explore our bestiary of business terms – from sharks

and bear markets to narwhals and yak shaving

Deciding that 26 points about CASCAID and/ or careers information and guidance might just be too much for a blog and a side-tracked conversation about narwhals and the Blue Planet, we came up with something completely different… we hope you like it.

Did you know ‘CASCAID’ is an acronym?

CASCAID was conceived in 1969 when two careers officers working for the Local Education Authority (LEA) began discussing the problems they faced with the ever-increasing complexity of careers information. They saw the computer as an ideal tool for storing, updating and retrieving the plethora of occupational information needed to give good quality advice. They realised an additional dimension could be introduced too, using the computer to compare this with the information given by the student to produce a list of careers that could be of interest to them.

And so, CASCAID was born – Careers Advisory Service Computer Aid.

Nearly 50 years old, CASCAID has considerable experience when it comes to career guidance services – and we put that experience to good use.

We are fully committed to providing good careers information and guidance now and for the future:

Transparency –

We believe it is critical to building self-awareness. With our services there is no mystery in the results users discover.


Responsibility –

The decisions our users make are significant and can impact their future – we take this responsibility seriously.

Championing careers support –

We are determined to do everything we can to raise the profile of careers support and highlight the positive economic and social impact it has on individuals, their communities and the wider economy.

Engaging with a wide audience –

Every year millions of people worldwide use our products to make decisions about their future.

We are driven to help education, guidance and employment professionals who share our aim; to provide effective and meaningful support.

  • We are about helping people move forward.
    We won’t tell someone what career they should do, but we will provide them with the means to begin taking steps towards planning a successful future.
  • We expand horizons and give people options that they might never have considered.
    We keep exploration of career and learning options at the heart of what we do by presenting options without bias or preconception.
  • We connect the present to future potential.
    We make sure that users relate what they are doing now to their future – future readiness.

We constantly update our products and resources and strive to provide the most accurate impartial careers information available. In fact, just last week we added new features to Kudos and Kudos AD. We understand the importance of keeping up-to-date.

And the future, what does it hold?

Having recently joined forces with Xello to strengthen our collective impact on future readiness, we are excited about 2018. We both offer highly-respected technology solutions that help people achieve the best possible future for themselves through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. Collectively, our experience and knowledge will drive continued innovation and allow us to reach even more people.

If you would like to find out more about CASCAID and our range of products and services, please get in touch – call the team on +44 (0) 1509 226868, email enquiry@cascaid.co.uk or visit our website www.cascaid.co.uk.


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