The arts are on the decline in schools

The arts are on the decline in schools

A recent BBC survey has reported back that the arts subjects – Music, Art, Drama and Design and Technology are being squeezed out of the curriculum.

The survey has shown us that 9 out of every 10 schools have reduced its available time for these subjects – including cutting back on staff and facilities in its arts departments. With the government spending more resources and time trying to improve academic subjects such as Maths, English and Science – where does this leave the subjects for creative students?

Some schools are asking its students’ parents for a voluntary donation to keep their creative departments available – this was in every 1 in 10 schools across the UK.

3 in every 10 schools have also feared that they may have to drop at least one arts subjects to students at GCSE. This is mainly due to the decline in pupil’s uptake in the subject and funding pressures from the government.

However, a spokeswoman from the Department for Education has said that between 2016 – 2020, more than £400 million will have been spent on arts subjects, so we will have to see on the future of the arts…

There is a previous blog on this subject, which can be found here.

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