Estyn’s report on pupil progress

Estyn’s report on pupil progress

Estyn, the education and training inspectorate for Wales, has released its annual report, showing that there is a lack in skills in maths, languages and digital technology.

The report also shows that 50% of secondary schools and 70% of primary schools have been judged as good to excellent this academic year.

Digital skills

The education watchdog has stated that pupils are lacking digital skills and are not keeping up with new technology.

It has been reported that students are very confident using certain applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, but are not branching out and keeping up-to-date with new technology and software.

With new software being released every year, it would be good to see pupils building their skills when using the computer, which will help them develop skills for life. It might also inspire pupils to enter a career in this industry or a similar industry in the future.

Schools also have limited access to ICT, which will prevent pupils gaining the confidence they need to use new applications and software.

English and math skills shortage

The report also stated that pupils are having trouble writing in a creative way, as well as making constant errors in their work. Overall, the excitement that pupils felt when writing stories about their experiences has fallen.

However, there are strong efforts being made to make sure that pupils develop their numerical skills, which can be transferred and used in other subjects, such as science.

Hopefully with the efforts of Teachers in primary and secondary schools, we can start helping pupils gain these much needed skills, which will help them throughout their adult life!

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