2018 is the Year of Engineering

2018 is the Year of Engineering

Today the government announced the start of a year-long campaign, aimed at inspiring young people (7-16) to join the world of engineering – The Year of Engineering.

Throughout 2018 the campaign will showcase the huge variety of roles within the engineering industry, as well as identifying the skills and innovative creativity required in the modern world of engineering. It will encourage young people, from a variety of different backgrounds, to take a much closer look at engineering, challenging the existent stereotypes (the engineering workforce is currently 94% white and 91% male)

And you can get involved too. The Year of Engineering campaign is looking for fun and innovative ways of bringing engineering to life, and helping them to plan a ‘more positive picture of an exciting industry that makes real improvements to people’s lives’

The government are looking for partners to join them and to help bring this campaign to life. By joining you will get the chance to:

  • Raise the profile of your organisation as an exciting employer
  • Help to create and take part in exciting initiatives and events
  • Join ‘open door’ and ambassador programmes to showcase and share what you do
  • Use the hashtag #YoE to be part of the conversation in 2018
  • Share inspiring stories of engineering careers

There are already many different employers involved, including:

  • Shell
  • Network Rail
  • Boeing
  • Royal Navy

The campaign is also supported by many different excellent organisations, such as the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and Engineering UK (Tomorrow’s Engineers).

The website contains a large amount of excellent resources too, aimed at partner organisations and also schools/educators. The school resources include a large number of lesson ideas, which teachers can use to provide inspiring lessons.

The website also features a handy events guide, so that you can discover what is happening in your area.

It remains to be seen just how successful this campaign will be in taking on and challenging these barriers of perception (just who becomes an engineer?). By targeting the campaign at seven-year olds +, this is hopefully tackling the problem before stereotypes have become too entrenched. Time will tell!




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