Questions! Questions! Questions! We all have them.

Questions! Questions! Questions! We all have them.

Last year, a colleague put me onto a great website about sheds after reading about how ‘she-sheds’ are going to be the next home-decorating craze. The site was vibrant, informative and enjoyable to view – what they didn’t know about sheds wasn’t worth knowing!

What has this got to do with careers guidance and education, you ask? Well, it started us all thinking here at CASCAID. How great to be recognised as an expert in your field, to be able to share your wealth of knowledge with others and create an environment in which people are encouraged and feel comfortable to ask questions.

With nearly 50 years’ experience, CASCAID is the leading provider of careers guidance resources. Our online resources are used extensively in guidance and educational organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Our customers include schools and colleges, universities, training providers, youth support organisations and rehabilitation charities, to name but a few.

Internationally, our systems are now available in North Ireland, Italy, Wales, Romania, Mauritius, Canada and the USA. We provide data and IP for careers products, run consultancy projects within the careers sector and take part in EU-funded lifelong guidance projects too.

We are very proud to say, ‘we have helped over 60 million people worldwide understand the world of work and make the best possible learning and working plans for their future.’

So over the years, we have answered an awful lot of questions. With the education and careers guidance sector constantly evolving, speaking on a regular basis with teachers, educators and careers professionals to ensure we keep up-to-date and current is at the heart of what we do.

Why don’t you delve into our breadth of expertise and ask us a question? What’s the biggest concern, challenge or struggle you are having right now with your careers guidance programme? Need help planning after the festive break? Or, simply need a refresh on how to get the best out of your CASCAID subscription.

Let us know and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Email your question to or via social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!

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