How can you become a Humanitarian Aid Worker?

How can you become a Humanitarian Aid Worker?

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A career as a Humanitarian Aid Worker is one exciting career. But what is it all about?

What is a Humanitarian Aid Worker?

In this job, you will be helping people in areas that have been affected by war and destroyed by natural disasters and other environmental problems.

Humanitarian Aid Workers work in different areas such as:

  • Tracing, protection and detention work
  • Public health and medical staff
  • Communications
  • Water and sanitation
  • Logistics
  • Food security
  • Preparation for disasters
  • Emergency response
  • Community reserves
  • First aid
  • Refugee support

Many people in this industry have lots of experience within their job role before applying, so that they can use their skills to help people.

Who employ Humanitarian Aid Workers?

There are lots of employers which are given below:

  • British Red Cross
  • Oxfam
  • World Vision UK
  • Christian Aid
  • Natural Disasters Association
  • Non-governmental Organisations
  • Act!on Aid
  • Tearfund
  • Unicef

So, how do you get into this career?

Depending on your job role, the qualifications needed for this career can vary. For example, if you would like to be a Doctor, you will need the relevant degrees to qualify as a Doctor and in order to work internationally.

You will also need some experience working as a volunteer, which will show your commitment to the charity.


A great way to get into this career is through an internship.

The British Red Cross have an International Youth Volunteering Programme which will help you gain the skills needed to become a Humanitarian Aid Worker.

You could be volunteering with young people, refugees, people with disabilities or other vulnerable individuals.

Every volunteer will get a Youthpass certificate, which proves your participation in the scheme and highlights your achievements.

The only skill you need is passion and the motivation to make the most out of this opportunity!

They also offer placements abroad and have volunteers from overseas.

If you would like a placement abroad, this programme has been designed for people who would like to work in the social sector.

So there you have it – Humanitarian Aid Worker. It really does sound like an exciting career.

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