Teacher recruitment down by 33%

Teacher recruitment down by 33%

The TES have recently published an article about how the applicants for Teacher Training is down by a third.

UCAS have released information showing that only 12,820 people applied to train as a Teacher this year. Compared with 19,330 applicants in 2016, this is a large decrease of 33%.

The Department for Education also published its Teacher Training census for 2017. It reveals that it has missed its Teacher Training targets for all secondary subjects apart from History and PE.

With more children starting school each year – we need more Teachers!

How can we tackle this?

There are reports on how complicated the application process is – making it very confusing on the clearest route into Teaching. If there was a more precise and clear process for applicants this may help increase the numbers.

One route into teaching is the Degree Apprenticeship route where there is a chance to give graduates a chance to become a qualified Teacher!

Click here for more details about Degree Teacher Apprenticeships.

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