GCSE and A level grade changes rise by 40%

GCSE and A level grade changes rise by 40%

The TES has reported that following schools requests for a review of its students GCSE and A level grades, more than 2,000 exam results changed by more than two grades!

Pupils sat the new GCSE English and maths for the first time this year as well as older students taking the 13 new reformed A levels.

88,505 GCSE, AS and A levels were changed this year, compared to last year’s 63,345 entries – a rise of 40%.

24% of the changes resulted in students receiving a higher grade. An exams regulator has stated that this may have been from the requests relating to the new GCSE English Language and Literature exams. As students are not taking alternative qualifications this year, this could explain the increase.

Some schools are concerned that the marking did not meet the new rules when it came to reviewing papers, especially for students who had an increase of two grades.

However, Ofqual has challenged this – by saying that the muddle in student’s grades may have been down to exam boards not effectively teaching its examiners their new rules of marking.

The chief regulator of Ofqual has said that they are looking into what should be done and are hoping that there will be less mistakes in the future!

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