The release of virtual qualifications

The release of virtual qualifications

Pearson have recently launched an online qualification in Spanish in response to the current shortage of modern foreign language teachers.

Schools week have recently reported that from September 2018, students will have access to everything they need to complete their qualification. This includes tutors, tests and any resources they need.

The surge in online qualifications has been prompted by a shortage in modern foreign language teachers and budget cuts in schools. The Government has also only filled 93% of its places for teacher training in languages this year.

However, the online qualification has had a beneficial effect on students – it has increased by 16% this year.

Another good thing about the new virtual A level is that it is helping pupils learn while they are at home. They can log on at any time and use the resources available as many times as they like.

With more languages to follow as well as it being welcomed by students, is this the future for GCSEs and A levels?

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