Two year degrees with lower tuition fees

Two year degrees with lower tuition fees

Students will soon be offered a two-year degree with a tuition fee of 20% less than a three-year degree.

BBC News have recently reported that there will be an accelerated degree for undergraduate courses with a decreased fee of 20%. It was proposed earlier this year – but it has been moved forward to help students sooner.

How is this different from a three-year course?

The main difference is that the degree course will be delivered in one year less. But, the students will still have the same number of units, teaching and supervision as they would with a traditional three-year course.

With this more flexible degree, students will be able to work one year earlier as well as saving on one years living costs – which Jo Johnson, the universities minister said that it could cut costs by £25,000!

The universities minister has also said that this new flexible course will help create a more diverse set of choices – which he thinks is dominated by three year traditional courses.

Who might this attract?

This new course is hoping to attract mature students as it could be a more practical option. This would help mature students to gain a degree and thrive in higher education!

This might also attract students who may want to get on with their degree and want a lower fee to pay back in the future.

The Government will also heavily benefit from this – they will not have to pay out as much in tuition fee loans from autumn 2019!

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