How will the Industry Strategy affect schools?

How will the Industry Strategy affect schools?

The Government have just released its Industry Strategy. So what does this mean for schools?

What is the Industry Strategy?

This is a plan by the Government to help create an economy that boosts productivity and earning throughout the UK.

How are schools going to be affected by this?

Here is the summary of how schools fit into the Industry Strategy:

  • Extra £350,000 in funding for every maths school

This extra funding is to help all students reach their maximum potential for new and existing math schools across the country.

  • ‘Mastery Maths’ programme will reach half of primary schools by 2020

The Mastery Maths programme is used to help challenge all primary and secondary school pupils to grasp the basics of maths. It gets the pupils to think more deeply about their ideas and help them achieve any mathematical problem.

The Government has set a budget of £27 million backed with an additional £6 million to help build maths schools in areas of need. By 2023, it is expected that the Mastery Maths programme will reach 11,000 primary and secondary schools.

  • Introduction of T – Levels

The new T – level performance measure will be introduced in 2022 with a large amount of funding of £500 million per year. It is hoped that students will be able to make a more informed choice about their future, whether it is an academic or technical route.

  • Cost of building schools have been reduced

There has been a deal in the construction industry where the Industry Strategy will plan on reducing the environmental impact, while improving the cost of new buildings such as houses, schools and hospitals.

This will help lift the pressure of school places for new pupils!

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