Questions about the new ‘My Adviser’ feature?

Questions about the new ‘My Adviser’ feature?

We recently introduced our new feature, ‘My Adviser’ within Kudos and Kudos AD.

The new feature allows users to send career, education or training related questions and messages to their teachers or advisers outside of scheduled lessons or appointments. This is ideal for users who do not have immediate access to their teachers or advisers and helps ensure that career guidance can continue outside of careers lessons and interviews.

Since it has been available, we can see that it has been well used. But, for those of you that still are unfamiliar with the feature, we thought you might find the following useful…

What is it?

The ‘My Adviser’ function is a new feature that allows users to send questions to their teacher or adviser outside of scheduled appointments

How do users use it?

From the ‘My Profile’ section of Kudos and Kudos AD, users will be able to choose a topic and write a message to their adviser. Topics include General, Subjects, Jobs, Courses, Uni courses and Personal Statement (depending on the Kudos licence you have purchased). Users then simply type their question and press send message.

My adviser

How do I know when I have a question to answer?

Provided users are added into a ‘Group’ via the CASCAID Manager, the group owner will receive a daily email alerting them if they have any outstanding messages that need responding to.

If users are not assigned to a group then the daily email will not be sent.

However, the account administrator (the main CASCAID Manager User) will receive a weekly email advising of any outstanding questions awaiting response.

As good practice, we recommended that users are assigned to a group to help you manage cohorts. To find out how to do this, refer to our CASCAID Manager User Guide here.

How do I find messages that have been sent to me?

To view your messages, log into the CASCAID Manager, click on the settings menu in the top right corner and select ‘Adviser Questions’ in the drop down menu.



What sort of questions might I be asked?

Anything and everything! Hopefully, your users will use the suggested topics to focus their questions to you. They may have been matched to a certain career and would like to discuss this further with you. Some may just need a little more guidance around using Kudos or Kudos AD.

How do I keep track of my responses?

Once you click on ‘Advisers Questions’ within the settings menu of CASCAID Manager, you will be able to see the questions you need to respond to.

When you click on ‘Respond to questions’ you will also be able to view the ‘Adviser Question History’ for that individual too.

Respond to questions


What about all of these messages I’m receiving – is that usual?

If you are the main CASCAID Manager User and individual users have not been assigned to a group or you are the dedicated adviser set up for all of the groups, you will be receiving all of the questions.

Groups allow you to organise users in the same way that you organise individuals within your organisation, school or college. You may want to add year, form or tutor group names and assign a different adviser for each group.

Check to see how your users are set up, allocate different advisers for each group – this might be why you are receiving all of the messages.

How is this new feature going to help me?

By managing users’ questions outside of scheduled lessons or interviews, we hope it will give you more time to focus on specific career activities within the classroom.

Also, having an understanding of users’ questions and concerns in advance will assist with those all-important one-to-one guidance interviews and follow-up discussions ensuring quality and effective career sessions for you and your users.

Would CASCAID like some feedback?

Yes, please – share your thoughts with us. What do you think of this new feature? Is it helping? What challenges do you face within careers guidance? How do CASCAID products help? What do you like or dislike? How could we improve?

We’d love to hear from you.

To find out more about CASCAID’s products and services and how they can help you and your users call our friendly team on +44 (0) 1509 226868 or email

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