Teaching Pupils to Write More Than Just Code

Teaching Pupils to Write More Than Just Code

You may have read my previous article on the decline of the Computer Science GCSE. The Guardian has an interesting report from the Royal Society about the reality of the teaching of Computer Science in schools.

It has stated that more than half of schools are not offering Computer Science at GCSE with only 11% of the pupils in England taking it last year. There is also a lack of female Computer Scientists with only 20% of the whole uptake being female.

You may have also read on my previous blog post about the current recruitment problem for teachers in Computer Science. The number of teachers have fallen by 25% since 2005 which has resulted in England only meeting 68% of its targets for the subject.

What are students being currently taught?

Currently, five-year-olds are being taught on coding and how to write it, with children aged seven to eleven are taught on how to ‘sequence, select and repeat’ programs.

A YouGov survey has also found that 40% of schools do not have the access to the right hardware or software to teach their students properly.

67% of primary and secondary schools also believe that they cannot teach coding from the lack of skills and teaching tools that they are provided with.

How can we face this problem?

Some schools offer their students a coding club where young Computer Scientists can learn more about code in their free time from volunteers. This network allows pupils to gain a better understanding of code and gives them a chance write some code for a programme!

Coding gives pupils some understanding of logic, problem solving and how to make their ideas come to life. Artificial Intelligence is also taking over the technological market and needs the specialist coders drive the UK in the right direction.

With the recommendation of £60 million of spending and the recruitment of 8,000 new teachers from the Royal Society, hopefully we can teach a new generation of Computer Scientists and fill the tech market with some young coders!

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