Traineeships – What Are They?

Traineeships – What Are They?

You might be thinking in the future about applying for an apprenticeship – but you may not have the right level of qualifications in maths and English.

A great way into an apprenticeship is to get onto a traineeship course – but what is a traineeship?A traineeship is used for people who want some skills and experience before applying for an apprenticeship or a job in the future.

It provides adults aged 16 – 24 with some work experience as well as some English and maths help to give you that extra boost before applying for future careers!

What Is the Difference Between a Traineeship and an Apprenticeship?

There are very similar in giving an alternative route after GCSE’s / A levels, but there some differences:

  • Traineeships are used by adults who would like to apply for an apprenticeship after they have finished the traineeship.
  • Trainees do not have the necessary qualifications in English and maths to achieve an apprenticeship.
  • Apprenticeships can last for up to 4 years where traineeships can last up to 6 months, where it is generally unpaid.
  • Traineeships are specifically designed for adults aged 16 – 24 where apprenticeships do not have an age limit.

Are Traineeships Worthwhile?

Traineeships are great for people who need some work experience before applying for future careers. It will really help when writing your CV as you will have the relevant experience to stand out from the crowd!

Employers could also interview you for an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship after you have completed your traineeship. You will already know the company and how it operates so you already have an advantage over the other candidates!

How Do I Apply?

Applying for a traineeship is very similar to applying for an apprenticeship. Most traineeships are found on the GOV.UK website where you can enter your postcode and see what is available in your area.


Traineeships are generally overshadowed by apprenticeships but this is an excellent first step!

You get to experience working in different areas of the company while getting your qualification in maths and English, which in the future, will help you when applying for apprenticeships and future jobs!

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