New Degree Apprenticeship route into Teaching

New Degree Apprenticeship route into Teaching

The Department for Education has announced that a teaching degree apprenticeship will available within the next two years. This opens up a new, exciting pathway into teaching, as the government attempt to close the deficit in new recruits.

From April this year, large schools (and other large businesses), have begun paying the ‘apprenticeship levy’. And now it is time for schools to begin receiving the benefit.

**see our earlier blog and ebook on the Apprenticeship Levy for more details**

To assist schools with their levy financed apprenticeship entitlement, the government have a set up the new National Institute of Education, which will offer a teaching apprenticeship, a ‘master teacher’ degree apprenticeship, and a postgraduate degree apprenticeship for senior school leaders.

So far two universities have been identified as supporting educational institutions, and these are Leeds Trinity and the University of Hertfordshire. Both of these universities expect their teacher apprenticeship courses to begin in September 2018. Currently it looks as though the Leeds Trinity apprenticeship will be level 6, undergraduate, and the University of Hertfordshire level 7, which is postgraduate. But please watch this space for more details and conformations, when I get them.

Sheffield Hallam is also reportedly developing a teaching apprenticeship, and Middlesex University a ‘learning and teaching’ apprenticeship. We will await further details from these institutions regarding planned start dates etc.

With these new apprenticeships targeted for September 2018 starts, it is clear that we need to be getting this information out into the public realm, and fast! Potential teachers need to be aware of this new option, even though some of the details are rather sketchy at the moment.

Teaching Assistants will be able to upskill and train to become teachers via a degree apprenticeship. Presently Teaching Assistants can only study up to level 3 (equivalent to A levels), and so once again, this will create a new pathway to fully qualified teacher status. Teaching Assistants, as well as people following other career paths who maybe were priced out of undertaking a first degree, can reach their target of becoming a teacher.

How will the apprenticeship standards be maintained?

Two existing organisations are working together to form a new company charged with making sure the the new teaching apprenticeship routes are assessed properly.


The National Association of School Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) and the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) are launching the Association of Accredited Teacher Education Providers (AATEP).

All apprenticeship routes must all be assessed by a separate, approved organisation, known as an “end-point assessor”, which must be independent to the organisation delivering the actual apprentice’s training. The Association of Accredited Teacher Education Providers (AATEP), will be responsible for carrying out these impartial assessments.



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