Degree Apprenticeships – Phase One Careers

Degree Apprenticeships – Phase One Careers

Last week I published a blog post which outlined the careers which are being targeted by the second phase of funding from the Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund (DADF) (from September 2018). After publishing this post, I realised, from the feedback I received, that there is very little information ‘out there’ at the moment regarding degree apprenticeships, and that people are unsure where to look.  I realised that careers professionals were probably equally unaware of what career titles were in phase one of the DADF funding, and so I am providing a list here (same format as the phase 2 list)

This first phase of funding for the Development Fund delivered £4.5 million to 18 projects, which included 25 higher education institutions and 20 Further Education Institutions. This funding has contributed to the development of new provision to support up to 5,200 new degree apprenticeships from September 2017.

However, although funding has been allocated for these projects, as yet I am unable to find any information as to whether they are actually up and running or not? Are they being advertised on the government apprenticeship web page, or maybe on university or employer websites?

I will continue to try and find out, but in the mean time, it may be best to still treat the phase one projects as being in the ‘planned’ stage.

Here are the careers areas targeted by the first phase of funding:

Aerospace Engineer
Automotive Designer
Banking and Financial Services
Biomedical Scientist
Building Services Engineer
Chartered Manager
Construction Manager
Control Engineer
Cyber Engineer
Cyber Security Professional
Digital and Technology Professional
Early Years Professional
Electrical/Electronic Engineer
Facilities Manager
Food Engineer
Food Manufacturing
Fraud Investigator
Healthcare Manager
Human Resource Management
Insurance and Risk Management
Legal Executive
Legal Profession
Maintenance Engineer
Marketing Professional
Nursing Associate
Occupational Therapy
Operations Manager
Outside Broadcasting Engineering
Pharmaceutical Scientist
Police Constable
Product Designer
Product Development
Project Manager
Railway Engineer
Real Estate Manager
Site Manager
Software Engineer
Supply Chain Manager
Ultrasound Technician





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