Degree Apprenticeship Update – full ‘Phase 2 ‘list of career titles covered!

Degree Apprenticeship Update – full ‘Phase 2 ‘list of career titles covered!

Information on Degree Apprenticeships is often quite hard to locate. A one-stop place to go, is sadly lacking. So I will do my best over the coming weeks and months to put together what I can for you. To start with, here is some information regarding the second phase of apprenticeships that are being offered (apologies for the long list)

The Degree Apprenticeships Development Fund (DADF). Was set up in order to oversee and fund the development of the new Degree Apprenticeship initiative.

Phase 1 helped to support up to 5200 new degree apprenticeships beginning this year in September.

Phase 2 has now just been announced, and it will support a new raft of Degree Apprenticeships beginning in September 2018. 27 projects have been awarded a total of £4.9 million to develop the new degree apprenticeships.

The projects, along with the 63 universities that will be supporting them, have now been announced.

The new Degree Apprenticeships will be available for the following career areas (it is a lengthy list, but I think it is important to cover the full range)


Adult Nurse
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Analytical Chemist
Architectural Assistant
Biomedical Scientist
Broadcast Engineer
Building Services Engineer
Building Surveyor
Civil Engineer
Communications Engineer
Computer Science in Practice
Computer Security and Forensics
Construction Manager
Control Engineer
Control Support Engineer
Cyber Security
Diagnostic Radiographer
Early Years Teacher
Electrical/Electronic Support Engineer
Electronic Systems Design Engineer
Electronic/Electrical Engineer
Facilities Manager
Food and Drink Engineer
Food and Drink Manufacturing Manager
Food Processing Engineer
Food Scientist (engineering)
Food Scientist (technology)
Food Technologist
Healthcare Practitioner
Healthcare Science
HR Consultant
Integrated Care Navigator (??)
Laboratory Scientist
Legal Executive
Lift/Escalator Mechanic
Logistics and Operations Management
Manufacturing Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Non-destructive Testing Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Occupational Therapist
Oil and Gas Manager
Petroleum Engineer
Police Officer
Power Systems Engineer
Product Design
Project Manager
Quantity Surveyor
Rail Engineer
Rail Engineer (MSc)
Site Manager (Construction)
Social Worker
Supply Chain Manager
Therapeutic Radiographer
Town Planner
Tunnel Engineer
Visual Effects


I hope this list is of use to you. I will report further Degree Apprenticeship information as I receive and discover it, so watch this space!



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