A parents’ guide to GCSE results day

A parents’ guide to GCSE results day

Is your son or daughter receiving their grades with GCSE results day being just around the corner?

Results day is not just a list of grades of what your child has achieved but is also a step towards the next stage of exploring the path to their career.

What options are available to them, what can be done to help them make that next step, the right step? These are questions asked by every parent.

Results Day can be extremely stressful for your child, so how can you help?

  • Make sure they are eating healthy and sleeping properly
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about results
  • Think positive and help put things into perspective, let them know that not achieving expected results is okay and that there are various opportunities available to them and discuss these
  • Ask if they want you there when they receive their results, they may need that extra support
  • Sit down with them and talk about what they want to do next, encourage them to have a few options
  • Make sure you are prepared for all outcomes. Doing research beforehand can really help to give advice on different options. Moving On Magazines Results Day Guide can really help get you prepared

The big day itself…

  • GCSE results are released on Thursday 24th August 2017.
  • Results are published by exam boards from 6.00am
  • Schools and colleges decide when students can pick them up, but it’s generally around 10 am. The school’s website will have details on when you can pick them up
  • Each school will have a pickup point, there should be directions on the day
  • Results are handed to students in an unopened envelope
  • Don’t forget English and Maths examinations have a different grading system this year read our handy eBook here for an explanation of the changes
  • Whatever happens, be proud of their achievements

Whether the results are better or worse than expected, there are many options available to young people.

Further Education

If your child wishes to go to university then they should consider doing A-levels or alternative qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate or Scottish Highers if you live in Scotland.

Resitting Exams

If results did not go as planned, don’t panic as your child can consider re-sitting some of their exams. The majority of students who re-sit can improve their results. Regardless of what they plan to do next, it is now a requirement for them to retake both Maths and English Language until you obtain a C Grade.

Other options

University and higher education is not for everyone, has your child considered a more vocational route such as construction or childcare?

There are various options available in apprenticeships from nursing, engineering to law. This offers the chance for young people to earn a professional qualification and practical experience while earning a wage.

What if your child is unsure of what to do next?

Your child has received their results and doesn’t know which pathway to take? Careers programmes like Kudos can help by giving them informed choices about careers that might suit them.

Talk to them about their results, discuss their suggestions and encourage them to look at routes into those careers.

Whatever the outcome providing support and encouragement for your son or daughter make their decision is very important. Helping them with their choices can really help make them take that next step on the path to a rewarding career.

For more information on how you can support your child’s future options, download our useful eBook ‘A Parents’ Guide to Careers Guidance’ which outlines how parents can effectively help with careers guidance.

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