GEM Project Update

GEM Project Update

CASCAID works on a number of European Lifelong Guidance projects to support the development of research and policy in our sector of career development.

Over the past three years, CASCAID has been working in partnership with UPCNET and Educaweb in Spain and Pluriversum in Italy on ‘Guidance through Entrepreneurship Mind-sets’ (GEM) which aims to encourage primary aged pupils to think about skills related to entrepreneurship through digital resources.

Entrepreneurship education has been cited as a key area of focus by the European Commission. In 2006, they identified entrepreneurship as one of the eight key competences necessary for a knowledge-based society. The EntreComp framework presented a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a competence, with the aim to raise consensus among all stakeholders and to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work.

The GEM project has been focussed around developing a digital game for primary aged pupils to get them to start to think about seven key entrepreneurial skills (Teamwork, Initiative, Problem Solving, Creativity, Perseverance, Responsibility and Self-confidence) which is now available free of charge in beta phase:

The final project meeting recently took place in Barcelona, where the partners reviewed the project outputs and began planning for the final dissemination and ongoing use of the tool. Plans are already underway for how the tool can be taken forward and the project team are keen to hear any feedback, comments or ideas from schools across Europe.

If you would like to learn more please visit the project website and log in to the UK Moodle training room to access resources. Alternatively contact Ella Bujok on for further information.

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